International :)

From now on, I will write in English. Its kinda stupid too keep writing in Norwegian, when we are leaving to go see the world. So…if you find mistakes in my spelling, you can either contact my highscool teacher or…the spellchecker on my computer has gone on strike….

I hope you will keep reading, even if it is in English. Maybe some new readers that understands English but not Norwegian (Heard there are a few of them round and about) will start reading our page. There is hoping 🙂

Im not sure I will translate everything i have written before. Maybe if I get really bored and has a lot of time on my hands 🙂  20150314_140538


One thought on “International :)

  1. AS long you not changes your “writing style”, it should be okay…. I hope… How’s your D5L going….. ? Have you been at the boat , taken off the coat(?) of it….. Have you started digging a drainage from Onkel Skrue’s pengebinge….
    I was at the “Sjøen for alle”on Friday, every things are so chip regarding boats….. Well, I found a few boats that even my economy could afore…..😎😎 Other would have them hanging after their sailboat (I guess)
    Troy is growing, nice to have a “dekkgutt” … He will be a real sailor …. (Thirty years from now and he will take the same trip that you are planing today)
    Say hi to Mr Rudi “Nansen/Amundsen” Paulsen from me… I like his “attitude”……. ( because I doesn’t know better😆)


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