Will we crash and burn??

Let me make myself clear! We are amateurs! And on top of being an amateur, we have had some bad luck. Our first time sailing Delfini, last year, the engine gave out two minutes after leaving the dock. It was shear panic! “Where are the oars? shit… we can’t row a 10 ton boat! ” My Amazing Rudi got the engine going again, just before we run on ground. In addition we got 22 knot’s wind, just after we hoisted the sails… little did we know we needed to give some slack in the sails… Delfini laid over on her side, turned around… she just wouldn’t go where I wanted her to….

Needles to say, I’m quite nervous about tomorrow. Our first journey this season! I’m confident she will start, but will she stay “started? ” Will I manage to get her safely out to sea? or will I give my dear Delfini a beating towards  the dock? And… this is a big one:  Can I get us safely docked again???

Stay tuned!


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