Throwing in the towel… at least until Monday!

Let’s buy an apartment in the city, where we never have to cook, clean or fix anything, ever again!!!! And while we are at it, let’s get a nanny! I love my kid more than anything! He has the ability to make life wonderful, but some days…OI!!!

Our plans was to stay at the boat from Wednesday to Sunday. Thursday morning we woke up sick, al three of us, so we headed home…. Friday we are all feeling better. Delfini here we come!


My poor guys! On the brink of death!

We anchored, for the first time this season. We had cleaned and serviced our diesel heater for the occasion. And it paid us back by not fireing… so we got to spend at few hours working on that, while trying to get Troy to sleep and cooking dinner and cleaning up al the mess the heater made. Also we couldn’t get the outboard started…guess what…we had to fix that to! We ate dinner 22.30…22.40 Troy woke up..

Fixing the outboard

Fixing the outboard

This morning, Troy has been crying, crying, crying! Nothing mommy or daddy did was right… He spilt a drop of juice, and his world was in ruin’s for an hour…And… you guessed it: the toilet started acting up!!!! Rudi and I just looked at eachother…

It’s just one of those weekends…we are simply better of on the couch!


Staying here, at least for a day or two 😀


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