Lessons learned!

For three weeks we been onboard Delfini, sailing the Norwegian coast. Its been a bliss! We had sun, rain and lots of wind! At one point we had wind and current against us. We did 1,2 knots….The waves were huge!!! Delfini did her job. She took grate care of here amateur crew. Rudi, me and Troy. We learned some lessons.


Lesson one: Tuck your kid in when he is sleeping! He will hit the floor when the next big wave comes!

Lesson two: Eggs…do not keep them in a basket on the counter…They will fall, they will brake…There will be a HUGE mess…You wont be able to clean it up before you anchor…

Lesson three: Take your seasick pills BEFORE the weather hits you…You will get sick…You will throw up….

Lesson four: When throwing up, don’t do it in to the wind…You will achieve the same result as peeing into the wind….

Poor guy...hit the floor because Mommy and Daddy didn't secure him...

Poor guy…hit the floor because Mommy and Daddy didn’t secure him…


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