Vacation time!

After 3 weeks on vacation we did not wanna come home. We love living on the boat! We cant wait until the big day comes! Only 10 months away!!!

We wore a little anxious before this vacation. Last years vacation, really sucked…Troy hated the boat! Lots of stuff on Delfini didn’t work…leaks, electrical, the toilet, etc… We had the feeling of no control when docking. But not anymore!!! Delfini is in ship shape! Thanks to Rudi, his dad, myself, friends and family! I feel confident when maneuvering her in small spaces. Our sailing skills are getting better. And most important: Troy LOVES the boat! And all this happened in a year!

Its a well known fact in Norway, that the best day of the year is summer! We actually got 3 whole days of real summer! Swimming, BBQ, sunscreen, the works!!!!

We also had some very cold, but very nice days!


wool slippers…not exactly the recommended footwear, but very warm! Not a summer day.


The autopilot doing the job. Rudi is keeping watch and having a cigar…Not a summer day



Went to the beach. Brought it back home!


The sea will provide! So will take away!


Troy cleaning. Voluntary. This is very promising. He must have very clean and tidy role models….HA!


Summer-day no 1.


Summer-day no 2.


Summer-day no 3.

20150705_032052 20150705_100902 20150705_222649 20150709_221319 20150710_151506 20150710_223855 20150713_154730 20150715_110557


2 thoughts on “Vacation time!

    • Hi! Yes, I have neglected our blog! I will write an update shortly! We are doing grate! Still lots to do onboard, but we are getting there, and we will be ready to go in may! Thanks for asking and for reminding me to update the blog 🙂
      Hope you are well!


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