Long overdue!

A kind soul, reminded me that I had a blog. Been a while since my last update. So here we go. This has happened since August:

Delfini decided to go on strike. She decided to do this just as we were clear of our dock. And…yes…she stopped, drifted and had some inappropriate intimacy with our neighbors yacht. The reason: Diesel bugs. They infested our tanks due to exhausted lip-seals…


Cant believe these little buggers, can cause 10 tons of boat to go on strike…

We (Rudi) emptied the tanks,  cleaned them, changed the filters, and had a heart rate at about 180 when we took here out again. Luckily, she was over her crush on the neighbors yacht. We had a grate day on the water 🙂 20150829_180224

Next issue:

Our batteries had a change of heart. They decided that they did not want to leave the country. They simply stopped working. At the end of the summer, we barely had enough power to run our cooler. At first we were pretty down…We could not figure out what was wrong. We still don’t know… We took good care of them. Made sure they were charged, etc. Very sad, because they were only about two years old. But then, we got a grate offer on a battery pack of Lifepoe4, lithium batteries. We have twice the power in the same space.

Ongoing projects:

Rudi is onboard once a week, working. A few examples: Installing gas alarm, short wave radio, fixing our GPS signal for our chart-plotter. It told us that our position was about 200 nautical miles, from where we actually was. He is getting so much done!


Rudi amazes me. From being a less than practical guy, he changed into this practical superhero. I feel so safe and secure with the work he is doing. He knows Delfini inside-out. We knew when we decided the date for our journey, that both of us would not be able to learn everything we needed to. So he set out to learn as much about the boat as possible. My task is maneuvering Delfini as we dock, navigation, rules, etc.

Sailing and the million other things, we learn together.

Simply put: TOGETHER WE ARE DYNAMITE! (sometimes braking more than we are fixing)



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