Freak out time???!

Its been a few crazy months! But we are right at the finish line!!! Somebody put a turbo on the calendar. And if you asked me what happened to the months good by since November… well… I couldn’t tell you.

At the moment, I’m sitting in the cockpit onboard Delfini. Troy is beside me, trying to steel my phone away, so this will be a short post šŸ™‚


We been working on Delfini throughout the winter. She is really coming along! We are very proud of al we have learned and accomplished. New lithium batteries, new halyards, new antennas on top of the mast. I could name about a thousand things we have fixed, replaced or added. This has taken a big chunk out of our budget, but we decided that we wont worry about it to much right no. We have enough to get to Australia. When we get there, we will worry šŸ˜€

A few pictures of what’s been going on.


The upcoming week will be a little busy. We are finishing up at work. Packing our house and moving onboard Delfini. All before next Sunday. My head is spinning, thinking: what are we doing, why? We are happy, dreamy, freaked out and tired šŸ™‚ Al part of the adventure!


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