3….2…..1….GO!!!! Day one!

What just happened!!!!??? It’s just to unreal… We let go of the lines!!!

This feeling, its like nothing you ever imagined! Happy, ecstatic, sad, panicked, confused, and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!

We wore overwhelmed by the crowd who turned up at the dock to wave us farewell! Thank you so much to everyone who was there! Troy had the time of his life, waving to everybody!

At this moment I’m still quite baffled by the whole shabang…

We had about 3 knots on average today. The wind came from north and we wore sailing south! You can’t ask for anything better than that! We didn’t make it far today. About 14 nautical miles. But they wore magical miles 🙂

Here are some pictures from this wonderful, special day! 


One thought on “3….2…..1….GO!!!! Day one!

  1. I hope you realise how important it was for each and every one of us to be there today: It was our way of saying Good Luck, Have a Marvellous Time, Be Safe, Have Fun, Take Care, Come Back – and please, please don´t forget that we love you…….. 🙂


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