So far so good. Just a few minor hiccups.

We are on our way! We left the Koster islands on Thursday. It’s unbelievable how lucky we have been with the wind, and when weather in general. We had a beautiful sail down to a little place called Hunneborgstrand.

Almost everything is running smoothly. Almost… The radar keeps blowing the fuse, our AIS and chartplotter keeps loosing the GPS signal and our fishingline almost ended up in the propeller… my fault! I wanted to take the mainsail down without starting up the engine. Totally forgot we had a line out. I turned into the wind. The mainsail came down fine. The wind took our genoa and kept turning the boat… I looked up, and what do I see… the fishingline over my head. I turned the rudder, but didn’t succeed. No speed. Rudi wheeled the line crazy. Finally we got it up. Another lesson learned. You can take the mainsail down without starting up the engine, just remember to stop fishing first. That lesson actually applies for every time we are turning the boat 😀

Today we left a small island called Hyppeln. At the moment I’m sitting on deck writing. Its sunny, almost no wind. We are heading towards Helsingborg. It’s approximately 120 nm. Our first overnight sail!

I’m writing this on my phone, so I’m sorry if the layout is messy. Our Wi-Fi is acting up… we will get to that, but right now, the weather is just to nice to do anything but enjoy it and sail!

Some pictures from the last few days:


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