No wind, gales, new sails. Never a boring day on Delfini!

A summary of what’s been going on since Sweden:

We left Helsingborg. The weather was good. We had no wind. The Engine came to life. It was a calm sail down to Kastrup in Denmark. This is the place where we were picking up our new sails! We jumped on the metro. Troy screaming of joy! “Train, train! We are taking the train!! “.

After a short walk, we found our destination. After some evaluation, we decided to spring for a cab. The sails were a little big to bring on the metro. Both Rudi and I were sure that something would be wrong with them. To big, to small, ripped seems… you name it. But they fit!!!! Perfectly!!!!

Excitement is an understatement of our emotions, when we left Kastrup the next day! We got out to open waters, jumping of joy!!! Couldn’t wait to see Delfini move under her new white canvas!….. no  wind…. whatsoever…. We cursed the weather, and listened to the annoying sound of diesel and oil.

We should never have wished for anything different! Suddenly the wind was upon us, and along came the waves! It felt like the entire Baltic sea was roaring in over the shallow bay.

Thats the thing with Denmark. Beautiful country, amazing people… bloody shallow!!! Sailing around on four meters depth. I turned our sonar of the first day we entered Denmark. The alarm was going nuts… So if you get gales from the east Baltic, you get huge waves! Our beautiful new, white canvases finally got to stretch their legs! It got so bad, we entered the nearest harbor.

The entrance into the harbour was a challenge! It was small, and the current and waves… strong and huge! I made two attempts to dock. Don’t think I could have done it if the nice Danish people on the dock weren’t skilled line catchers 😀

So… there we wore. Stuck for three days while the wind was doing what it does best… Rudi got seasick while we were docked…

When the weather finally calmed, we headed for our second overnight sail. The taste of Kattegat still fresh in mind! Our goal: the Kiel Channel! About 20 hours. The weather report said the wind would be in our favour!!! YEAH!!!!

Nope… no wind. Except for the finishing line that got stuck in the rudder, it was a very very calm sail! Read our Facebook if you wonder what happened to the fishing line 😀 quite funny!

We are currently in Cuxhaven. We got rammed into by another sailboat, while docked! Not my fault!!!!! YEAH ME!!!

Pictures, resume on the Kiel Channel and more details to come! 


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