The Kiel Channel and in to the North Sea.

So much have happened these last week’s. The first big thing was the passage of the Kiel channel. I shouldn’t have worried so much in advance. It was no problem. Easy peasy! Keep to starboard and you are fine 🙂 Troy had the time of his life. Big boats everywhere! Some of them even had excavators onboard.




We arrived in Cuxhaven. Surprised by how strong the tide was. I ramed Delfini bow first in to the dock. No damage, just a big bang. We planned on staying a couple of days. Suddenly those plans changed, when another sailboat crashed into us. The woman at the helm screamed, lifted both hands of the rudder and covered her eyes… She had put the boat in forward instead of reverse. The boat smashed the solar panel and did damage to the hull and rail.


We are insured, so the damage is covered, but the repairs will take a week. They will be done in Portugal. We got the hull temporarily fixed before we sailed for Den Helder in Holland.

The passage to Den Helder was the longest sail we had done so far. 36 hours. We set sail at 4 o’clock in the morning. There were dolphins and seals around the boat. Fog, sun, rain, rough seas, no wind, a lot of wind, tidal waters, submarine that does not show up on the radar, stopped by the police on the way into the harbor 😀 This 36 hour journey had it al! When we arrived, we slept for 12 hours, but only after we had a visit to the playground.

From Den Helder we sailed inland. The weather offshore was to rough. We sailed thru three locks, and into freshwater.



Freshwater sailing in Netherlands.

We arrived in Amsterdam. Aunty Ida was coming to fly back home with Troy. We felt the English Channel and Bay of Biscay would be challenging enough without having to make sure Troy was safe. OH MAN!! I`m so glad he was back home,and not onboard for that!


I haven’t updated the blog as often as I wanted to. Problems with computers, internet and phones has been a challenge. I will update more the upcoming days, to catch you up on our journey to Portugal. Hopefully we will sort out the technological problems soon.

We are currently living the happy life on the Algarve coast. Warm weather, grate winds! We are enjoying being with Troy again, and giving some much needed TLC to Delfini.


Thanks for reading!






One thought on “The Kiel Channel and in to the North Sea.

  1. It was nice meeting you in Brighton Marina Camilla and Rudi, we are enjoying following your adventure. Alan and Chris from Horatio. ps We now have a sail boat so we may have an adventure of our own ……..


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