Belgium to England.

After getting eighteen hours of sleep, we woke up feeling rested but still a bit shaken up from our experience outside of Belgium. The boat looked like someone had turned it upside down. Stuff everywhere. Saltwater in every nook and cranny. We had some cleaning to do. The worst thing was my book. 50 Shades of grey told by Christian. It was soaked! What’s a girl to do…sometimes I miss chocolate!

We could not find the energy to head back out that day. We had a talk about what we learned, what we would do different and what we did right. I helped the neighbor with his outboard that would not start. I told him his fuel line had a way to sharp angel. Nevertheless, why listen to a girl? After I few more hours of him and his friends struggling, he came over. “Do you know about this stuff? Can you give us a hand?” The feeling I had when that motor started, after five minutes of TLC with the fuel line… I had a hard time keeping a straight face. So did Rudi. He was sitting on deck onboard Delfini, with a beer, watching the show.

The next morning we said goodbye to Belgium. England next. We decided to take a break from sailing at night. We did not trust the weather reports to give us an accurate view of the weather, and the last thing we wanted was another night like that. We headed for Ramsgate. When we sailed out of Zeebrugge, we could see why we had trouble with the traffic. There was ships everywhere! Even the Kiel Channel had less traffic.


The English flag going up.

The rest of the passage was very nice. A bit cold, and choppy, but we made good speed and docked in Ramsgate 12 hours later. We got some sad news during this sail. Rudis grandmother had passed away that night. We needed to get Rudi home for the funeral. We hoped to reach Isle of White before he had to leave. We did not…not by far! Our deadline of getting to Algarve was August 2. That was when Troy and Rudis family arrived, and I had no desire to be away from Troy I minute longer than necessary. If the weather did not get better soon, we would have a hard time getting there. The weather was bad the next day, so we stayed in Ramsgate. Beautiful place! We meet some nice people, ate some good food and cried for Rudi`s grandmother.


Rudi`s grandmother at the dock, waving us goodbye when we left Oslo.



Next up was Dover Strait. More on that in the next update.




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