Troy’s first crossing! And Delfini was taking in water….

From Portugal to Porto Santo! Our first big crossing with Troy onboard. I was actually dreading this. “What if something happens?  How will he adapt to four days at sea? ”

We put of sailing from Lagos for three days. Always and excuse. “Maybe I’m coming down with a cold?” Or “I think Troy have a fever”. Stuff like that. Finally I had no more excuses…

We left Portugal on Thursday. The weather didn’t do as predicted.. of course it didn’t. But we really should be used to that by now 😀 The wind was at 28 knots. To much for my taste. And with wind comes waves. But…we are really getting comfortable handling the boat in weather and waves. And Delfini is a good boat!


It was hard for Troy to get around in the boat. But he did good! He had no problem with his current situation. That was nice for both mummy and daddy to see.

The second day at sea. Water started coming up from the floorboards. Saltwater… where was it coming from??? okay…time to panic… we are going down!!!!!  We started looking. Finally we found out it was coming from the holding compartment in the rear. There are some wires going thru there, and it wasn’t waterproof. We haven’t had a problem before, because the wind never came from behind 😀 crisis averted!


Everything under the floorboards are wet. So we are in the process of cleaning up a big mess 🙂

Thanks to the wind, we made it to Porto Santo in record time. Three days!!! We docked at 1pm. Exactly three days on the hour. We had planed for 4-5 days. Delfini can really move if she has the right incentive 🙂



One thought on “Troy’s first crossing! And Delfini was taking in water….

  1. IT is good to see that everything is fine and that you are handling upcoming events In a good way. We wish good trip and a lot of fair winds on your journey.


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