Our Atlantic crossing. Part 1.

Both the task and the ocean was daunting. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean…oh so huge! Getting Delfini up to ARC+ standard was also a bit of an accomplishment! In addition we were installing a watermaker, autopilot, and a new cooling unit for the fridge!

Fist of al, a big thank you is in order! We now have a watermaker onboard!!! My mum and dad, Rudis mum and dad. My sisters Solveig, Anne and Kristin. My brother Bjarne. My aunts, Norabrit and Elisabeth. They al chiped in to give us a watermaker. Thank you so much! This makes al the difference, and made the crossing as luxuriouse as a cruise..well, almost.

After LOOOOOTS of shopping.



Plenty of icecream.


And hours of hours of work to get ready.



Finally we were on our way!


The whole crew on deck, right before our departure from Las Palmas. From the left: Kåre Augensen, Nina Heggelund (Camillas mum), Camilla, Troy and Rudi Paulsen.



The crossing was fast! With lots of wind and lots of waves.



Cooking on the high seas.

The only unfortunate incidente was when I was making pancakes, and dropped the whole bowl. You can probably imagine the mess. The batter went everywhere! I still find dried up batter in the boat.


One morning Africa rised from sea. Finaly we could say “land ohoi!”


The journey went grate! The whole crew was happy!



It took five days and 23 hours. We had some time to relax, and chill out.


Before we finally arrived in Africa.


We placed 7th in our group!!!!! Not bad for an old lady of 11 tonns!

Mindelo was a nice place. A beautiful place!. But with lots of poverty. The uneasy feeling when meeting small children outside of a store, who jumps of joy if you give them a fruit, is not easily shaken. It makes me think of how lucky we are! But I would definitely go back! It’s a nice stopover when crossing the Atlantic.

Øyvind is Troys best friend. They met at the marina back home and meet up everywhere we can! Having a bath together is nice after a few days at sea!


But its not always enough leg room.


The colors of the sky in Mindelo took our breath away!


Shopping I Mindelo is an exiciting experience. Its not easy finding what you need. But you will find everything you don’t need.


At the marked they had lots of local fruits and vegetables. Keeping track of Troy was a challenge.


Its not only Troy that gets clean in the tub. All fruits and veggies must be cleaned. All cardboard removed to avoid cockroaches. Getting food onboard is a big job!


After four days in Mindelo, the time had come to set sail for Caribien!

14-20 days at sea, and the whole Atlantic Ocean to befriend! The crossing did not go as imagined. As I`m sitting in paradise writing, I have to smile, thinking back on one of the biggest, most scary, wonderfull things we ever did!

Stay tuned for the next update!



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