Our Atlantic crossing. Part two

After four days in the Cap Verde islands, we set sail for St. Lucia!


Together with 75 other boats, we were crossing the Altantic Ocean!

We were right in the trade wind belt. The crossing should bring stable winds at about 20 knots. HA! If we learned something on our jounrney from Norway, it is that the weather never does what its supposed to!

We never got the trade winds. We got no wind! The crossing took 18 days, so it wasn’t to bad. But that was only thanks to hard work with the sails, and our genaker. We burned all our fuel. When we arrived we had about three liters left. But it was comfortable. And we enjoyed ourself a lot! Troy had a nice time. He was an angel the whole way. He was also the youngest child in the ARC+ fleet. We are imensly proud of him!

Delfini has been amazing the whole way. We had no problems, exept for the scare of running out of toiletpaper 15 days in. But it worked itself out when the last pack turned up.

The only really bad weather we had lasted two hour. We had strom gusts and heavy rain. It came so fast, we didn’t have time to reef the sails. But as usual, Delfini handeled it. Everything in the boat was wet for two days after.


So what do you do to pass the time in the middle of the ocean?



You play Leonado Di Caprio on deck of the Titanic.



You pull on ropes.

You have a chat with another sailboat.

They came up behind us. No wind, so Delfini wasnt going anywhere. I called them on the radio. Me: Sailboat in the horizon behind us. This is Delfini. Do you read me? Them:Yes we read you! Me: How the heck do you guys sail so fast??? Them: We have a good engine. Give us an hour, we will catch up and come up beside you.

And so they did. We had a nice chat. When darkness fell they sailed on.


You fish!!!!


And guess what! We got a big one!


And a medium one!



You play with grandma. And most importantly: You DON’T do your hair.


You go High and Low!Swimming and climbing the mast, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, just because you can! Underneeth there is only water, for 5000 meters straight down.


You do some cardio.


You catch some flyfish. One nigth I woke up. Something was flapping up and down on my foot. I sprang awake, and what did I find? A flyfish that had come down the hatch, into our bed!

We also got a barracuda. It was so scary and its teeth so sharp that we preferred to not pose with it for a picture.

And one thing you must remember: Chill out!

But the best thing about crossing the Atlantic: Watching all the beautifull colors of the sky!


Troy always calls Fireman Sam at sunset. Because the sky is on fire and the sun is drowning.

Untill 18 days later you can say: “Yo Carribien! This is Delfini. Do you read me?, over”

And then you can go ashore and eat, drink and RUN!

And we can finaly say: We crossed the Atlantic by our own keel, in our own boat!



One thought on “Our Atlantic crossing. Part two

  1. Hei!
    Utrolig gøy å lese om hvordan dere har opplevd turen . Det ser ut til at dere hadde mindre vind enn vi hadde. Nå kan dere hygge dere i Carabean og lytte til raggea og bli kjent med rasta gutta! Ha en hyggelig jul alle sammen!


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