SO. We have a bit of bad luck. Since we left Norway, we got smashed into by other sailors THREE times!!!! One in Germany. One in Rodney Bay Marina (No major damage). The most recent one was yesterday.

We are anchored in a beautiful bay on ST. Lucia. I was on land, looking out into the bay. Something was missing…..DELFINI was not where we left it!!!! The horror i feelt when we saw our boat dragging towards the shore… Nightmare!

Thanks to local fishermen and other sailors, we got the boat under control. What happended you ask? Well. And Italian catamaran had tried to anchor right in front of us. Lost controll of his boat. Crashed into our bow, got our anchor-chain mixed up with his propeller. He draged Delfini towards the shore. The local guys jumped in the water and got the boats untangled.

Everybody involved in the rescue was sure we suffered a lot of damage. On closer inspection, it turned out we had not! Delfini is a solid boat! A little damage to our anchor-roller. Thats it!

The stupid Italian captain didn’t even come over to say sorry. We had to go over to him. I told him that he did damage to our boat. He owed us some money and an apology. He paid for the damage, but no apology…

Third time is the charm!!! No more accidents!!!!


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