Family overboard…(No drama, but VERY embarrassing)

Two days ago we were in a beautiful restaurant overlooking Marigot Bay. Delfini was anchored in the bay. We had taken the dingi in to have dinner. The restaurant has its own dingi dock right outside. You sit on the dock and eat your dinner. Full restaurant, live music and a romantic and harmonic feel was in the air. We were leaving the restaurant. I was carrying Troy. Rudi is in the dingi, stretching out his hand to help med and Troy onboard. And what do I do. I slip!!!! Falling face first into the water, still carrying Troy. Rudi also fell because i dint let go of his hand… The whole restaurant stormed to our rescue. We got up on dry land. Thanked our rescuers, got back in the dingi, very carefully this time.

Back onboard Delfini we got out of our wet clothes and swore never to go back to that restaurant!

Every time im going to climb in the dingi, Try holds on to me and says: Its alright mommy, just be careful!

Even as Im writing this, in blushing and cant help but laugh. Feeling the embarrassment…..

Luckily we don`t have pictures!


One thought on “Family overboard…(No drama, but VERY embarrassing)

  1. Dont be ambarest, this wont be the only time, i am sure. All the people in long trip sailing is going in the water several times. Best to be used to it…..⛵


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