One of the best drinks I ever had was Cocoloco. You take a coconut, cut the top of, drink some of the water and top it off with rum.

We meet Alfa a few weeks ago. He has a daughter the same age as Troy. One of the grate things about sailing with kids is that you very easily meet people. (kinda thinking would have meet Alfa anyway. He had the good rum!). His daughter plays on the beach while he sells his drinks.

He is saving up to buy a boat, so he can sell to the boats that are anchored in the bay. In the Caribbean you can expect people knoking on your hull when you are anchored. They sell fruit, baskets and other things. Their merchandise is often better than what you get in the supermarket.


It’s safe to say that we all enjoyed it. If only I was fit enough to climb a palm three to get a coconut. Oh well…I guess I send Rudi up the three.

If you ever visit Marigot Bay, you should look up Alfa and his Cocoloco!



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