The boat

Bildet er tatt av båtens forrige eiere. Britt og Asbjørn Skjea

Delfini in Caribien

SY Delfini is a Bostrøm 40 feet. Her weight is just over 9 tonnes and her mast is 17 meter. She has enough beds for seven. Eight if two people really love each other.


Salong med god plass. Salongen på styrbord side kan gjøres om til køyeseng med sjøkøyer

In the engine room you will find a 60 horsepower Volvo Penta. We are grateful that the engine has enough power. A friend of ours said it well: If your engine skimps out on power, it feels like driving a bus with i scooter engine. So, at least we are “driving” a bus with a little bigger scooter engine.

Ragnar Kvam has sailed around in this kind of boat for 14 years. That is a good quality insurance.


Overhauling on Trinidad



20 years ago,Delfini sailed Norway – Caribien – Azores – Norway.


She will easily do 6 knots. At 6 knots she is a real joy! If you want 7 or maybe 8 knots, you have some work ahead of you!


Propellen før vårpussen

Time for a cleaning

Her keel is lead and weighs 3,5 tons. She is 2 meter deep and has a folding propeller.

På land for vårpuss 2014

We have 400 w of solarpanels and a battery capacity of 400 ah. The batteries are lithium. We are really satisfied with them!

The mainsail and genoa are new. We bought them in Denmark and picked them up along the way.

Delfini is very comfortable at sea. She goes smoothly thru waves and is very forgiving when we mess up.

She does not have a bowpropeller and she will only go starboard when reversing, so it can be a bit challenging in a crowed harbor. On the plus side, we are getting really good at using the wind to help us dock.


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