Video of our first leg. From Norway to Denmark

I hope you enjoy this video about our first leg. A lot has happened since, and we are so grateful that most of our journey is still ahead!


Long distance sailing as a family

So….Been sailing for a year now. What does this mean as a family? Do we still like each other? Is Delfini still afloat? What have the Paulsen Family crashed into since you last heard from us?

So many stories! As a family we still don`t know what this mean. Its a lot of fun and that is the most important part. We still like each other, quite often! Delfini is still floating, and we have been crashed twice since arriving in the Caribbean. That`s the gist of it. Ups! Almost forgot: I have an amazing tan! That`s the best part!

What a life this is. What a year this has been!

Stay tuned for more updates.



The diver.

Rudi got his diver license. He and Erlend, my brother in law has spent four days under the sea. They say it was spectaculare! Looking at the pictures, I believe them!

Check out the video: