About us


Rudi, Camilla og Troy. That`s us. We live in Flateby, in Norway. We have a quiet and pretty simple life. Or…we did…Until Rudi decided that we were buying a boat, to go circumnavigate the world….20140715_194407


Rudi has a bachelor in economy and leadership. He works in a store that specializes in work clothes. He is 28, and before he meet Camilla, 9 years ago, he didn’t have much experience with the sea or boats. He has one course in sailing, witch he took after we bought the boat. He hates winter and wont go swimming if the water is belov 25 c. ¬†20140308_132811

Camilla has a bachelor in management. She works at a school. 30 years “old”. She had her own boat since she was 6. A 4 hp green plastic boat. Not exactly the same thing as Delfini. She also figured it was a good idea too have some idea on how to hoist a sail, so she took a course after we wore the proud owners of Delfini. She is almost finished with D5L certificate.



Troy is one and a half year. His job is keeping mum and dad busy. He is doing it well. He is happy, funny and had a lot of humor.

2014-03-13 10.10.57


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